Council honors Star Employee & Forney Messenger, funds for road-work, debates special events policy

In a busy Oct. 16 meeting, the city council awarded Jennifer Clark the Star Employee award for policy changes she instituted;
Proclaimed Oct. 17 as Forney Messenger day for the 40 years of service by Cary & Judy Griffin;
Approved a change order for FM741 pass-through project;
Approved funding for services from the Environmental Co-op;
Approved funding for design services for Hwy 80 ramp improvements;
Reappointed Judge Margaret Spain;
Amended the ordinance for school-zone speed limits;
Prohibited parking on Justice Center Dr.;
Had a lengthy debate about the proposed special events policy;
Amended a contract to allow NFHS onto the wastewater system;
Extended the Fox Hollow PID agreement for 3 years;
Amended the tax abatement agreement for the E.R. development.