Second 3-board meeting for downtown redevelopment

The Forney City council, Forney Economic Development Corp, and the Planning & Zoning board held a joint workshop on Oct. 8 to consider priorities for downtown redevelopment.
City manager Brooks asked the members to fill out a ballot to prioritize these items:

  • Sidewalk repair, replacement and/or reconstruction, including crosswalks
  • Railroad crossing quiet zones, probably using cheaper methods than the budgeted way horns
  • Closing one of the downtown RR crossings, saving money on quiet zone costs and freeing up some land
  • Future splitting of FM740/Bois D'arc through downtown into two one-way roads
  • Adding more parking for downtown
  • Adding landscaping, planters, benches and other beautification items
  • Creating a variance for the sale of alcohol
  • limiting the number of office uses, so more businesses will generate retail sales
  • Purchasing the FISD (old FBC) property, probably removing some of the buildings.
  • Programs to provide rent assistance to encourage property enhancement or business type
  • Tax Increment Financing district to provide funding
  • Find some permanent means for generating funding for downtown improvements.

The meeting lasted 1hr 20min.