P&Z considers project Hummingbird that could provide 800 jobs

During its virtual regular June 04, 2020 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met to approve rezoning 79 acres, and plats, for 1 million sq. ft. distribution center, which could provide 800 jobs during its 24-hour operating schedule, and plans for 7-11 #3, FHS Welding expansion.
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  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved a request to rezone 79.362 acres of land from Agricultural District to Planned Development District with a base zoning district designated as Light Industrial. The property is situated in the Samuel Smith Survey, Abstract No. 450, located northeast of County Road 212 and west of S. Gateway Boulevard.
          Mr. Morgan said request is for rezoning from AG to light industrial (LI), Goodyear distribution center to the north and Amazon distribution center is to the east. 
          The plan shows a 1,077,416 square foot distribution center with outside vehicle and trailer storage.  Office space on N. elevation, 964 employee parking spaces + 125 box-truck loading spots + 389 truck parking spaces.  Has connections to Gateway and Akron Way.  Staff was concerned about truck traffic, applicant agreed to modify standards to limit truck stacking to not extend onto Akron Way.  Ordinances do not allow truck traffic to go south on Gateway.  It's a 45 ft tall building - due to new state law, city may no longer specify building materials.  No responses received to public notices, will provide many jobs in the area.
          Mr. Stites, head of Dallas Seefried Industrial, stated they are already working on a project on Gateway, thrilled about this project.
          Mr. Chambers asked about the number of jobs expected; Mr. Stites said the company has been provided to city manager - has spots for 1,000 cars, so probably 800 "associates" and could increase seasonally.  Will be a 24-hour operation.  Mr. Bingham asked how much truck traffic, per hour: Mr. Stites said it's in the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA), company tries to bring in truck during off-peak hours, many in wee hours of morning.  Mr. Morgan said it is a few hundred trips per day.  Mr. Stites said the TIA shows 260 per day.  Mr. Bingham asked about Gateway bridge being just stop signs, would it be signalized? Mr. Zook said signals at bridge and Akron Way would be put in with the project.  Mr. Chambers asked if trucks will be warned about going S. on Gateway - there is existing signage on CR212 and Gateway.  Mr. Bingham asked what truck traffic is for Goodyear; Mr. Stites said the TIA was done for both Amazon projects, all 3 project were done by BGE, they could find that info.
          There was no public input.

  • Approved a preliminary plat for the FTW5 Addition, located northeast of County Road 212 and west of S. Gateway Boulevard.
        Mr. Morgan said hearing and next 3 items are the same property.  Chmn. Shimkus asked how would enforce them not backing up onto Akron Way - Mr. Morgan said they could issue citations.  Akron way will extend to CR212, how to prevent trucks using that? Mr. Morgan said when issue CO they make it clear what approved truck routes are.
  • Approved a final plat for the FTW5 Addition, located northeast of County Road 212 and west of S. Gateway Boulevard.
        Mr. Bingham asked if road improvement would be paid for by city are applicant; Mr. Morgan said substantial impact fees would be paid.  City Attorney Mr. Thatcher said Akron Way will be a project cost in the TIRZ so the developer will construct it.  Chmn. Shimkus asked if a right turn off Gateway onto Akron - yes, it will not impact other traffic.
  • Approved a site plan for FTW5 Addition, located northeast of County Road 212 and west of S. Gateway Boulevard.
  • Approved a final plat for 7-Eleven, located northeast of the intersection of North Gateway Blvd and North F.M. 548.
        Mr. Morgan said this project has been discussed before, prelim. plat and site plan approved by council on Apr. 21, 2020.  Direct access to Gateway Blvd, shared access to FM 548.
  • Approved a right-of-way plat for Akron Way.
        Mr. Morgan said this is for eastern extension of the road.  6.779 acres with 120ft row from Gateway to eastern city limits.
  • Approved a replat of Forney High School Addition, located at 1800 College Avenue.
        Mr. Morgan said this is related to welding shop, provide easements for that construction.  Building will be 17,076 sq. ft.
  • Approved a replat for the Clements Park Addition, located northwest of the intersection of F.M. 740 and Clements Drive.
        Mr. Morgan said this item has been withdrawn, they were going to recommend denial, applicant will resubmit.
  • Adjourned at about 1703.
Thursday, 2020, June 4