FISD recognizes top 10 students, Teachers of the Year

During its virtual regular May 11, 2020 meeting, the Forney Independent School District Board met to recognize top ten and all-state students, announce District Teachers of the Year, approve bond sales and construction.

  • U.S. Flag - Secondary Student-of-the-Month, Nicole McKissick, 12th Grade Student at Forney High School
    Dr. Jonathan Campbell, Principal at Forney High School said they love this senior around the school, a great leader.  Ms. Stacie Weisberg with HighSteppers read from the nominations for Ms. McKissick.
  • Texas Flag - Elementary Student-of-the-Month, Kinsley Denman, 1st Grade Student at Crosby Elementary
    Ms. Leslie Rader, Principal at Crosby Elementary said Kinsley is a great mentor, willing to help other
  • Forney High School Top Ten Students
    Mr. Greg Pharris, School Board President presented Janaki Patel, Mekenna Aguilar, Emily Chaney, Zakariya Belmir, Yi Huang, Madison Powell, Christian Pryor, Mason Stephens, Salutatorian Logan Wiser, Valedictorian Austin Luke Preston.
  • North Forney High School Top Ten Students Abigail Castillo, Allyson Rogers, Jada Isken, Morgan Randall, Emily Fulton, Kayla Kelly, Tryston Vaut, Zoie Craven, Salutatorian Thomas Salisbury, Valedictorian Caitlin McAlanis
    Mr. Pharris
  • Donna Selman listed the Forney & North Forney High School FFA students that placed at 3rd place or higher. 
        FSH: Taylor Bosher, Emily Dobbs, Presley Donahue, Payton Hilbert, Rylan Jackson, Leah Lopez, Lily Odle, Landry Tarpley, Brook Vrba. 
        NFHS: Mckenna Briley, Denea Brumfield, Dayzie Canida, Trinti Craven, Brad Devore, Bradley Devore, Shawn Devore, Kate Ely, Kristin Gault, Shelby Gibbs, Alyssa Higgins, Tristin Johnson, Kara Kurtz, Ayla Marshall-Lewis, Caleigh Meldrum, Morgan Murphy, Victoria Ortiz, Maggie Patricia, Zoe Randle, Blake Shields, Lyndsey Smith, Micah Smith.
        Warren MS: Kymberlin Sanders, Joshua Jones.
        Rhae IS: Kayleigh Sanders.
  • Academic All-State Athletes
        Mr. Neal Weaver, Director of Athletics introduced All-state athletes (must have GPA 92+):
        FHS: Mikha Volhor, Jordyn Watson, Logan Wiser, Kaitlyn Acker, MaKinley Tipton, Cade Brink, Danny Patino, Mason Stephens, Turner Prewitt, Alexis Garza, Tatum Mercer, Alyssa Price, Sydney Thrasher, Camryn Teer, Luke Preston, Zane Syjansky, Trinity Cannon, Tyler Dickey, Landon Ervin, Riley McMurren, Brenden Patterson, Kalee Hardie, Micah Justice.
        NFHS: Savannah Hudson, Natalia Bowman, Savannah Gunn, Michell Gamez, Tryston Vaut.
  • Announced District Elementary Teacher of the Year Brittany Hartley (Crobsy) and Secondary Teacher of the Year Jacob Thomas (FHS).  They will have a car to use for 6 months from Toyota of Rockwall.
  • 2020 Best Communities for Music Education Award
        Dr. Webber said the NAMM Foundation has recognized districts in 42 states.  FISD has won the award for several years.
  • Monthly Financial Report
        Mr. John Chase, Chief Financial Officer stated revenues at 79%, last year was 76%, expenses 73%.  Debt service: collected 196k property tax.  Cash and investments = $146 million.  Sold 70 million in bonds in Feb.
  • Quarterly Investment Report
        Mr. Chase invested 147 million, rates are 0.9% - 1.7%, income $413k.
  • 3rd Quarter Tax Collection Report
        Mr. Chase said looking good this year, have 97% collected.  Delinquent is 1.1 million.
  • Master Planning Update
        Ms. Morisak introduced Von Gallagher who said companies doing great job taking precautions.  Claybon flooring going well, completion July.  Claybon HUB is in finish-out, had some issues with deliveries.  Criswell paving: utilities work.  Brown paving starting.  New Intermediate school, excavations 80% complete, utilities start next week.  City Bank stadium turf remodel underway.  FHS Culinary remodel, interior finish-out.  NFHS Bus loop should have no issues.  Ms. Morisak said drove around sites, projects look good.
        Renderings for Griffin Elementary were presented.  Current FISD Library will be turned into a HUB + 4 additional classrooms.
        Admin phase 1 done, can afford phases 2 - 4.  Moving the entrance to the light, entry to the building will be moved to the side (facing Bois d'Arc).  Will have quartz counter at entrance, and will be a secure vestibule.  Board Room upgrade: new carpet, quad video screens, microphones, paint, furniture.  Generator that powers the NOC will be wired to provide the main building also.  Office additions: some will be downsized to add others.  NFHS cafeteria will expand into some of the outside area.
  • Public Comment - public had opportunity to submit written comments, none received.
  • Approved as one consent item:
    • Budget Amendment
    • Private Access for Stepro Investments, LLC and Michael Lewis
    • Purchase of SRO Vehicles
    • Allotment and TEKS Certification, 2020-21
    • Statement of Impact Form(s) from Charter School(s) Could Have a Major Financial Impact on Forney ISD
      • A+ Academy - Adding a Campus
      • Meadow Oaks Education Foundation - Pioneer Technology & Arts Academy

  • Approved co-bond counsel agreement with Walsh Gallegos Treviño Russo & Kyle, PC and Locke Lord, LLP.
        Mr. Chase said bond transaction in Feb. used counsel, John Hall and his team have moved to a different company, which this new agreement approves with same fees as before.  Dr. Terry recommended approval.
  • Approved an order by the board of trustees of the Forney Independent School District authorizing the issuance of its unlimited tax school building and refunding bonds, Series 2020a; levying a continuing direct annual ad valorem tax for the payment of the bonds; delegating the authority to certain members of the board of trustees and district staff to execute certain documents relating to the sale of the bonds; and authorizing other matters in connection therewith
        Mr. Chase said of the authorized 623 million bond, authorized 113.8 in Jan in 2 phases, sold 70 in Feb.  Request extending deadline to sell phase two to 2021.  Additional projects of 47.9 million in two phases: August 20 million. 
        Have 21.2 million eligible to be refinanced, could save 4 million, could be sold in August or with issue 2020B. 
        Impact: 737k / year for 9 years, then 1.3 million.  Last Sept tax rate decision stated had callable bonds, will save 2.8 million by redeeming.  in 2021 - 2030 the projected tax rate would be 40 cents or less, below the current 50c cap.  Prelim tax values increasing 13-18%, depending on how "protest season" goes.  Amazon plant is being built.  Uncertain about next year due to economy, reduced property value growth to 2.5% for next year and gradually increase to 4.6 until 2030.  They have listed parameters to allow the transaction.  True interest cost is 5%, but last time bonds sold at 3%.  If approved, they can begin construction of Griffin Elementary.
        Mr. Carroll asked if originally had 2.5% growth in 2022 - no, it was 5+% but backed it off.  Not even including Amazon, there's another 80 million project being discussed at city. 
        Dr. Terry said they're always looking at most conservative approach.  This is a parameter sale, won't be approved until trigger points met: enrollment, taxing capacity, both of which are still "green." Also have beefed up fund balance.
  • Approved an order by the board of trustees of the Forney Independent School District authorizing the issuance of its unlimited tax refunding bonds, Series 2020b; levying a continuing direct annual ad valorem tax for the payment of the bonds; delegating the authority to certain members of the board of trustees and district staff to execute certain documents relating to the sale of the bonds; and authorizing other matters in connection therewith.
        Mr. Chase said as in prior item, can refinance bonds, approval will give flexibility to issue bonds if conditions allow savings.
  • Approved rescinding the remaining authorized, but unissued, bonds under the order passed on January 13, 2020.
        Mr. Chase said the items approved in Jan are now included in authorization for 2020A, the order is no longer needed.  This affects the 43.8 million and will be combined with the 47.9 million in 2020A, leaving 71 million available.
  • Approved an AIA amendment with Huckabee Architects
        Ms. Morisak said for FHS Library addition, Smith and Rhea cafeteria expansion, Johnson elementary repurpose should be added to approval.  Dr. Terry said is just an extension to the existing contract.
  • Approval of 7 construction bids (totaling about $12.4 million).
        Ms. Morisak listed 7 items to do, then introduced Jeff Fisher from Gallagher - rebids for elevator, fire alarm and security at Rhodes and Jackson - 606k. Animal science and welding center bids = 7.4 million.  Admin building phases 2-4 = 1.56 million.  NFHS expansion = 1.2 million.  FHS Library renovation - 663k.  Rhea and Smith cafeteria expansion: 522k.  Fire panel replacement at NFH & Claybon 489k.
        Mr. Andrews asked about animal science and welding - they were bid together to get economy of scale, will occur concurrently.  NFHS expansion: curtain wall and support for enclosing the space is most of the cost, small amount is for continuing education section.
        Dr. Terry said didn't hear the 50 million in savings like last meeting, but they are doing great job.  They will return to the board in June for more construction projects.
  • No closed session
  • Approved ratification of employment of professional contract personnel as presented.
  • Adjourned at 2018.
Monday, 2020, May 11