P&Z considers FISD Admin roadwork, Goodyear, Chipotle & McDonald's

During its regular Mar. 05, 2020 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met consider plats for Trinity Capital Bank, Chipotle, FISD Admin. roadwork, larger second McDonald's revision, Fox Daycare. (watch official video)

  • Approved a final plat for the Trinity Capital Bank Addition, located northeast of the intersection of F.M. 741 and Interstate Highway 20.
        Mr. Dixon said this is in the ETJ, complies w/ subdivision ordinance, TxDOT permit is required for driveway (still waiting for their approval to revisions).
  • Approved a final plat of the Broad Street East Addition II, located southeast of the intersection of East U.S. Highway 80 and F.M. 548.
        Mr. Dixon said this is to establish boundaries for Chipotle, has access to frontage road (used by Raising Canes).  Chmn. Shimkus asked if the rear exit by Canes to 548 would connect; would this lead to more traffic? Mr. Zook said the TIA was fine, will hope people make good decisions.
  • Approved a revised site plan for the Forney ISD Administration Building, located northwest of the intersection of College Avenue and S Bois D'Arc Street.
        Mr. Dixon said this will have new access and parking, 75 parking spaces are required, plan shows 200.  Mr. Cunningham asked if the only revision was handicap parking and driveway? Yes.  Mr. Chambers asked about additional parking and access - architect Kip Jameson said was to line up with the intersection signal.  The door there will be the new front door, will remove the existing entrance, partly for security.  Public will park on N. side, staff only on S. side.
  • Approved a preliminary plat of the Fox Daycare Addition, located northeast of the intersection of South F.M. 548 and F.M 741.
        Mr. Dixon said this vacant property will have 4 lots on 16 acres, PD approved in 2004, zoned GR so day care is approved use, site plan was approved in 2020, shared access on 548 and 741.
  • Approved a final plat of Fox Daycare Addition, located northeast of the intersection of South F.M. 548 and F.M 741.
        Mr. Dixon said plat shows 1 lot of 2.3 acres.  Mr. Bingham asked if two access points - yes.  Chmn. Shimkus asked if this would limit retail on other 3 plats - applicant rep. Mr. Clay Cristy said access points could restrict alcohol sales, but are working to develop other lots for office / retail use, along 741 would be restaurant use.  Will not affect existing 7-11.  Mr. Cunningham asked how many other business might go there; on 548, 1 building N., 1 or 2 south.  On 741 lends to single lot, still enough property left to carve up for future use.
  • Approved a final plat for the Goodyear Addition, located at the southwest corner of S. Gateway Boulevard and U.S. Highway 80.
        Mr. Dixon said the 1 lot on 102 acres has primary access via Akron Way, and to CR 212 but only for emergency use.
  • Approved a revised site plan for McDonald's, located east of the F.M. 1641 and F.M. 548 intersection.
        Mr. Dixon said previously approved 4500 sq ft, this is 5241 sq ft, has same building materials, still have 2-lane drive through.  Previous plan had 50 parking spaces, this has 54.
  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved a conditional use permit for auto repair (minor) at 401 East Highway 80.
          Mr. Dixon said the 2 acres of land has used car lot, and was used for auto repair which was legal non-conforming use.  That business ceased Jan 19, new tenant didn't get a C.O. so legal non-conforming use expired in July.  GR only permits auto repair by CUP.  Repair area is 3000 sq ft, with no outside vehicle storage.
          There was no public input.

  • Adjourned at 1855
Thursday, 2020, March 5