Council considers ball-field improvements

During its regular Nov. 05, 2019 meeting, the Forney City Council met to consider hvac & park improvements, procedural changes.

  • Mayor Penn thanked the sponsors of Softball with the Mayor, then Presented a check for $842.34 to the Forney Food Pantry.   She mentioned the freezer failure at the Pantry, asked everyone to donate.
  • Mayor Penn proclaimed Nov. 4-8 Municipal Courts Week.
  • Public Comment
    • Mr. John Daniels said he sees progress in the community, making progress on storm drains.   He got a call from Sen. Bob Halls' office, who said Mr. Carson would meet with him.   This was going to be his second complaint about Mr. Carson, but now he sees leadership.   He appreciates meeting with Mr. Carson, he thanked Mr. Thomas & Mr. Johnson for standing up for Mr. Carson, he looks forward to getting the community straightened out.
    • Mr. Marty Reid said he wants to thank them for problems with trucks running into his yard going to 80, Mr. Carson & previous Chief Sherwin solved the problem.

  • Approved the project acceptance for the Downtown Mill & Overlay Project.
        Mr. Johnson thanked staff for excellent bids, came in under budget, roads turned out well.
  • Approved a Resolution awarding a contract for HVAC System Upgrades at City Hall to GFC Contracting and authorizing the City Manager to execute a contract for services.
        Mr. Neil Cardwell said most systems are from 1993 when building redone, costly to repair, almost all need repairs now.   This bid is to replace all 7 unit + bad dampers.
        Mr. Johnson asked if the money was budgeted; from CIP fund balance.   Mayor Penn mentioned it was odd the IT guy was doing HVAC.   Mr. Carson said Mr. Cardwell is doing IT and building maintenance.   Mr. Myers asked if there would be maintenance contract; Cardwell said a contract isn't cost effective.   Do have 1 year complete warranty, 5 years on compressors.
  • Approved awarding a contract with Master Turf Products to overhaul two softball / baseball fields and take any action necessary.
        Mr. Curry said this beginning of a project is to do 1 field at Community and Mulberry.   They used the same infield mix.   Not to exceed $40k.   Mr. Johnson asked if budgeted; no, but finance found some money.   Mr. Johnson asked if will help with drainage at Mulberry; on macro level, yes, by absorbing more water.   Ms. Penn said asked if was a drainage issue at Community; Mr. Curry said continual play creates issues, not to level of Mulberry.   Mr. Myers asked how long product lasts; Mr. Curry said must reapply 3-5 years.   Ms. Penn asked Ms. Woodham if will be short in CIP fund; Ms. Woodham said funds for football fields unused for 3 years, will use that.
  • Approved an Ordinance amending the Rules of Procedure for the City Council and the Boards, Commissions and Committees with amendment stated.
        Mr. Thatcher said this addresses issues discussed about calling for public hearings.   Current process can be burdensome, this would give ability of person running meeting to open/close public hearings.   Existing rules allow to call a point of order if an issue with the process.
        Mr. Johnson said he prefers to use the new voting equipment, so the public can see how they vote.   Mr. Thatcher said this would effectively do that, except for roll-call votes.   Mr. Thomas said the charter review is trying to remove ambiguity; he asked Mr. Thatcher to add language, and would like to amend that, to verify council has ability to override the mayor.   Mr. Johnson agrees with adding that.
  • Made appointments to boards and commissions: Animal Shelter: appointed Kimberly Wiggins.   Board of Adjustments: need more applicants. Building Standards: Mr. Johnson asked if anyone on board had experience in construction, PM said two members are involved with real estate.   Appointed Terry Piper.

  • City Manager's report - FEDC 25 yr reception, 6-7 nov 14.   city and stl nov 9 vet 5k, ttrax, vet parade.
  • Council Comments - Mr. Myers: toft was great, no complaints online; RP thanked food pantry & stl?,,,; KM also thanked pantry; Mr. Johnson thanked staff for making them look good, complimented mayor on toft costume, was well run event; Ms. Penn thanked those who did softball w/ mayor, forney shines helping others, toft was great this year; thanked all veterans.
  • Held a 50-minute executive session re:
    • Victorian Village
    • Amended (#1) Master Consolidated Interlocal Agreement Between the City of Forney and the Forney Independent School District.

  • Reconvened, took no action, Adjourned at 2010
Tuesday, 2019, November 5