P&Z considers wineries and a Second McDonald's

During its regular (but oddly scheduled) Oct. 29, 2019 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met to approve zoning changes for Adams Ranch, and wineries, along with plats for McDonald's, Forney Daycare, Trinity Crossings and Ryhn Addition.

  • Mr. Shimkus presided as the new Chairman, Mr. Traylor was present as the new Pro-Tem.
  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved a zoning change for the Adams Ranch Planned Development, stipulating daycare is suitable in GR, 25-ft setback to garages, screening along new road. It consists of 88.4 acres of property located west of Ranch Road and north of the Brookville Estates Planned Development. The requested zoning includes a planned development with single-family residential, town-homes, and non-residential uses..
          Mr. Morgan said this is a single-family (SF) district, city limits run along North edge.   This PD was approved in Dec. 2003: SF-11 zoning, 249 lots, 25-ft setbacks, 10,560 sq. ft. average lot size (8,400 - 12,000), home sizes 1500 - 2200 sq. ft.   Concept plan shows four areas:
          A) is  89 lots at SF-6, 6800 sq. ft. min. lots, 20-ft front yard, 1800 - 1900 min. floor size, max 50% coverage.
          B) is 203 lots at SF-6, 5750 sq. ft. min. lots, 20-ft front yard, 1700 - 1800 min. floor size, max 50% coverage.
          C) is 110 units at SF-A, 2250 sq. ft. min. lots, 20-ft front yard, 1500 min. floor size, max 80% coverage, no alleys.
          D) proposed General Retail (GR)
          A street is proposed from Ranch Road to the adjoining FISD property.   10-ft buffers will be along the street and Ranch Road.   Amenity center will be built in first phase.   Screening along Ranch Rd. will be stained cedar fencing w/ masonry columns at 40 ft.
          Staff comments: lot sizes would normally be 7,700 for SF-6; recommend Neighborhood Service instead of GR located next to residential; should at least have 25-ft setback for front-facing garages; an 8-ft sidewalk instead of 4-ft proposed, and subdivision ordinance requires 5-ft; should have screening along new road also.   Park Board approved accepting $608k instead of land.
          Ms. Terry Eastman from Brookville expressed concerns about area B near her; Mr. Craig Smiley representing owner said it is an HOA-maintained detention area, wouldn't change anything there.   She asked about the street, Mr. Morgan indicated where it would go.   Ms. Eastman asked about the condition of Ranch Road; Mr. Smiley said this is just zoning request, upon development they expect R.O.W. dedication for improvements up to edge of subdivision, so eventually, yes, road should be improved along with development.   Ms. Eastman said that is a lot of people there.
          Mr. Smiley said they have worked with staff on this: the reason they wanted GR was to allow a daycare next to FISD property, could accept Neighborhood Service if they state daycare is an approved use.   The builder says people prefer larger back yards, 25-ft for the garage is fine.   8-ft. sidewalk, they would prefer staying at 4-ft, he wasn't aware of 5-ft requirement; N. property has no sidewalks, adjoining subdivision has a 4-ft sidewalk for about 1 mile.   Screening - no objection to recommendation.   Mr. Chambers asked why prefer 8-ft sidewalks; Mr. Morgan said with FISD nearby, it would be very convenient for students.   Mr. Traylor said he would prefer 1800 minimum for townhomes.   He also asked about masonry percentage; Mr. Morgan said due to recent state laws changes they no longer regulate that.   Mr. Smiley said they are 50% in SF-6 and 80% in SF-A.   Mr. Shimkus asked about documents stating 90% of units will be owner-occupied; Mr. Morgan said that was not enforceable by the city.
          Mr. Chambers asked about entry points; Mr. Morgan said there are three.   Ms. Holler asked if the townhomes were not gated; Mr. Morgan said they are not.
    • Approved an amendment to the City of Forney Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. The purpose of the amendment is to add a new zoning classification and regulations for a winery and all similar uses.
          Mr. Morgan said applicant Staci Webb has a TABC permit and would like to move to Forney.   Staff recommends allowing sales to wholesalers, limiting sales to consumers for off-premise consumption to 35,000 gallons annually.   They may have a tasting room, restaurant and retail sales area. This follows requirements from TABC.   The use would be allowed in LI, or with CUP in GR, CBD, C or Mixed-Use districts.   Ms. Holler asked if this was the same as brewery ordinance; Mr. Morgan said it was.

  • Approved a site plan for McDonald's, located east of the F.M. 1641 and F.M. 548 intersection.
        Mr. Morgan said this will be "south" of RaceTrac, has shared driveway with them, will have a 2-lane drive-through plus 63 parking spaces.
        Mr. Shimkus asked if TxDOT had been consulted about traffic; Mr. Morgan said the TIA done when RaceTrac was approved took into account expected uses.
  • Approved a final plat for Forney Daycare Addition, located east of the F.M. 741 and Monitor Boulevard intersection.
        Mr. Dixon said this is 1.8 acres.   Mr. Chambers asked about entry points; the shared entry on 741 is 225 ft. from Monitor Blvd.   Mr. Zook said if 741 is widened, they might lose access, unless the city lobbies TxDOT about the access.   Mr. Shimkus asked about a light there; Mr. Zook said they have a request for Monitor, but will wait until it is open again.
  • Approved a final plat for Trinity Crossing Phase 5B, located south of F.M. 740 and west of F.M. 460.
        Mr. Dixon said this is 20 acres, city has no zoning control here.
  • Approved a final plat for Trinity Crossing Phase 5C, located south of F.M. 740 and west of F.M. 460.
        Mr. Dixon said this is 4 acres, N. of the previous item, city has no zoning control here.
  • Approved a preliminary plat for Ryhn Addition, located north of Don T. Cates Drive and east of North F.M. 548.
        Mr. Dixon said this is 1 acre, is in compliance with Comprehensive Zoning.   Ms. Holler asked what the use was; Mr. Dixon said they have been approved for a gas station.
  • Adjourned at 1913.
Tuesday, 2019, October 29