Forney Council holds thoroughfare workshop

During its special Jan. 11, 2018 workshop meeting, the Forney City Council met and in summary:

  • Mr. Short from Lee Engineering presented a slide show. Parts of 548 & 1641 are at capacity. Classifications: arterials for mobility, locals for land access, collectors in between. Major arterials carry 40-64% all traffic, minor at 15-25%.
       Three opportunities for 'grade separation' (road going under or over RR tracks) exist on CR 225, Pinson and FM 548.
       When Bois d'Arc gets widened to 4 lanes, there will be a need to have a pair of one-way streets in downtown, because the road can not be widened there. The new North-bound one-way could split off at Church St. and connect to Center St.
       There could be an extension of Rogers/Justice Center through the park to intersect with Hollyleaf.
       Mesquite may want to extend Scyene road to Forney, which would connect with extensions of College Ave., Pinson Ave. and Church St. Several options for new roads around FHS were presented.
    Mr. McGee suggested maybe having the Highway 80 access road be a separate project, to speed it up, ... Mr. Medford said they attended NTCOG meeting 6 month ago, to discuss priorities of roadways. There was discussion about Highway 80 being overloaded during rush hour.
    might have a bridge over RR by continuing Pinson past Broad & Pacific. Mr. Myers asked about a signal at 548 & Rogers - __ said capacity and signals are not necessarily related. (Mr. Johnson mutc ? for signals?) This plan integrates with the county plan. 1641 is approved funding for widening shoulders. Mr. Myers asked about the downtown split into one-way couplet. Mr. Johnson said need to talk to businesses for feedback.

       There was brief discussion about the two designs for grade separation on 548 @ RR.

  • Held an executive session
Thursday, 2018, January 11