P&Z approves many ETJ plats, incl. Wynne-Jackson

During its regular Nov. 09, 2017 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met and in summary:

  • Approved in one motion:
    • a preliminary plat for the Parc at Windmill Farms Addition, Lot 1, Block A, located north of U.S. Highway 80 and west of Windmill Farms Boulevard in the City of Forney, Texas, ETJ.
      Mr. Morgan briefed the board, stating this is planned to be multi-family, and as this is in the ETJ the city has no control over its use beyond a developer's agreement signed in 2003 which allows conformance with subdivision standards. This allowed the city to enforce masonry standards. Traffic Impact analysis was approved by city engineer & TxDOT. Staff recommends approval. Ms. Lemons said they asked for more entrance/exit at the previous meeting - Mr. Morgan said the TIA study said the driveways to Windmill Farms Blvd. and the Hwy 80 access road were sufficient.
    • a final plat for the Parc at Windmill Farms Addition, as above.

  • Approved an elevation plan (revised site plan) for a new structure to be constructed at 501 E. U.S. Highway 80 in the City of Forney, Texas.
    Mr. Morgan said was previously used for Everett Auto Sales, has been purchased by Bright Excavation, currently using property for storage. It was to be approved by BOA, but they didn't meet, and staff had recommended denial. Applicant agreed to add rock up to 90% as required, so are in compliance with masonry requirements. What needs approval is adding 5900 sq ft building. Mr. Cunningham asked what sq ft of main building was - they are roughly all the same size. Mr. Carr asked what the use was - vehicle storage, not retail.
  • Approved a preliminary plat for the Prescott 741 Addition, Lot 1, Block 1, located north of Interstate Highway 20 and east of F.M. 741 in Forney ETJ.
    Mr. Morgan briefed board, this is 1.3 acres and will likely be a retail strip.
  • Approved a final plat for Lakewood Trails Phase 1, a residential subdivision located south of F.M. 741 and west of High Country Lane in Forney ETJ. (this is at the "middle" curve on FM 741, near High County Ln)
    Mr. Morgan said the 92.9 acres is under a development agreement from 2014. Minimum lot size requirements are 6k and average 6.5k, shown are 195 lots + 11 common area lots; average size 7670 well above minimums. The road to High County must be constructed to fire-lane standards and will be use for future phases. Mr. Carr asked if TxDOT engineers looked at this - Mr. Morgan said in 2015 TxDOT approved TIA. There may be a future connection to Monitor Lane. Ms Lemons asked if there was just one entrance - Mr. Morgan said there is one public entrance, plus an emergency entrance, going to High Country. Representing the owner, Mr. Dewey answered questions about the roads, stating it would be easy for the emergency lane to go away in the future when a land plan is created, and the entrance is divided 25' lanes, there will be a left-turn lane on FM 741, and stub-outs to South. Ms. Lemons asks if connectivity is only in the future; Mr. Dewey said in phase 3 they will connect to High Country and to S. to I20? The screening along the fire lane will be landscape buffers, not masonry walls.
  • Approved by 5-1 vote a preliminary plat for Overland Grove, a residential subdivision located west of Walnut Lane (F.M. 548) and east of S. Bois DÂ’Arc Street (F.M. 740) in the City of Forney ETJ. (aka Wynne-Jackson)
    Mr. Morgan said the 336 acres is regulated by developers agreement for residential subdivision, minimums of 6k, 7.2k and 9.1k. This plat has 1065 lots with 51 open space lots over 62 acres. Owner is paying fees ($1,200 / lot) instead of providing a park. This will have multiple connections to Pecan, Walnut and FM 740, TxDOT is requiring a TIA. A review of the TIA has been done, found no major issues. This property is in process of being annexed. Mr. Cunningham asked if would be a final plat before annexation, Developer Representative Mr. Murphy said final plat will be presented after annexation. Mr. Wilkins said they are not meeting minimum lot sizes, will annexing change anything? Mr. Morgan says developers agreement has precedent. Mr. Carr asked if this was the property where city is paying for water, stating it was unusual for a city to pay. He then asked about parks, why fees - Mr. Murphy said have 60 acres of open space and trails, open to public. Mr. Carr asked what happens when developers agreement is complete? The open space will be dedicated to HOA, no cost to city. Space open to all public, except for amenity center. Mr. Carr asks if they could build larger lots first. Mr. Murphy said starting is $275k, equal or higher than Grayhawk; the builders want small lots, they hope the market will demand larger lots. Mr. Carr expresses concerns about the housing bubble. Mr. Murphy said developer is spending $1 million on amenity in phase 1, dedicated land for water tower, he believes $2 mil of city's cost to build a water tower is in a bond account the city issued years ago. Mr. Carr asked how Forney is CCN when they are in Markout. Mr. Murphy said law allows opt-out, back in Brian Brooks days they were going to develop in the county and stay on Markout. When that didn't happen, city approached them about voluntary annexation, the city would provide off-site facilities and turn lane on FM 548. The developers are paying 100% of on-site services.
  • Mr. Morgan said Mr. Patroski has moved to Richardson, has posted the position.
  • Adjourned at 1911
Thursday, 2017, November 9