Dec. 03 City Council prefers to keep all RR crossings open, grants alcohol variance for Zanata's

During its regular Dec. 03 meeting, the Forney City Council (sporting a new ceiling-mounted projector and display screen):

  • Recognized Zacherie T. Williams for military service;
  • Proclaimed Commendation and appreciation for Community Thrift and Value Center and their efforts in supporting the Kaufman County Children's Emergency Shelter and the A. Fern Norville, and by recycling donated items that were not worth reselling, including 31,000 pounds of electronics, 5,000 lbs of metal, 24,000 lbs of cardboard, over 117,000lbs of clothing items, some of which is sent to third-world countries.
  • Decided to not close either Elm or Center street railroad crossings, and now prefers to implement the Quiet Zone while keeping all four downtown RailRoad crossings open
  • Granted a variance for on-premises consumption of alcohol for Zanata's after some public input.
  • Approved changes to employee health insurance, having renegotiated a 15% increase planned by Blue Cross / Blue Shield down to a 4% increase
  • Approved joining Fort Worth coop purchasing system, rather than using the Chase INK program, which is really designed for small businesses
  • Amended the Wastewater Contract w/ KDMWUD 3 which contains the Devonshire development, which is in the process of being sold, to clarify that wastewater services extended to the N. Forney High School pertain only to the FISD.
  • did not hold an executive session.